Changelog heade image
25. July 2021

You know that TikTok 🎵💃 thing? We got it covered!

  • Added "Import from TikTok".
23. February 2021

For the past few months, we improved a lot behind the curtains. Now it's time again to deliver some new features.

  • Added "explicit" content information. But we can't guarantee all explicit content is marked as such.
  • Tweaked the screamer (very loud sounds) recognizer a little, to detect those more likely.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Youtube uploads editor and improved processing speed.
28. October 2020

Nobody told us that playing sounds on an IPhone was broken for months 😢 We have fixed it after we figured it out. Please do not hesitate to contact us if something breaks and does not get fixed in time. ⚙

  • Fixed a bug that prevented playing sounds on iOS devices.
  • Added categories. This will help us with classification for future recommendations.
    • The categories are: "Music", "Quote", "Effect" and "Other".
    • Choosing a category is now mandatory when uploading.
    • Category filter were added to the search page.
22. October 2020

Imagine you find a nice sound on Meowpad, but the title and tags are not telling which song it is... 😒 How do you figure it out?

Holding your phone with Shazam against the speakers belongs now to the past. 🎉

20. October 2020

Meowpad is about sharing joy, and now it is even easier, with share buttons!

  • Added "Share" functionality. You can open it via " " on any sound.
  • Added automated "inappropriate wording detection" to reduce moderation effort.
05. October 2020

New features nobody asked for, but we hope it will help you get more sounds to Meowpad.

  • Added "Import from Youtube". Clip parts from Youtube videos and upload them comfortably: Check it out
  • Added "Import from URL". Upload sounds directly from the web. Check it out
26. September 2020

The number of Meowpad users is growing, and with it, the maintenance work. Nevertheless we want to introduce a new feature!

  • New trending page. The content depends on your region, but it will show you the trending sounds from the last days. The algorithm is not perfect yet, but we want to bring you the newest features ASAP. We will work on the page to make it better. If you have any ideas, we want to hear them! Check it out
27. August 2020

Meowpad is switching the servers. There may be some downtimes, sorry. But we have also good news:

  • Sounds can be up to 20 seconds long.
  • Design changed in header and footer. Heading image removed.
18. August 2020

New uploads will be moderated from now on. You will be notified when your sound was removed and informed why.

  • Added Portuguese translation. Thanks to the community translators! Your can help with translations too. Check it out
  • Added Recommendations to some pages.
07. August 2020

You may have seen some Ads? These will help to maintain the site and motivate us to make it better. Please be kind and deactivate your Ad-Blocker on Meowpad.

  • Added Ads.
  • Added button highlighting when hovering over sound cards.
  • Reworked SEO
26. July 2020

Do you know A/B testing? This is a method to evaluate which version of a feature is more likely to be used. I will collect the data for a week and then decide which one works better.

  • A/B 50/50 - Switch to Like/Dislike instead of giving paws.
25. July 2020
  • Added feature to report abuse. You can open the form via " " on any sound.
15. July 2020

Meowpad evolves and I like to try out new things. No idea if "similar sounds" feature or the "new search" are useful to everyone. Feedback is always welcome!

  • Support for Chinese language.
  • Added ability to add an entire soundlist to Soundpad.
  • Added "similar sounds" to sound page. Check it out
  • Added "volume", "duration", "downloads" and "creation time" filters to search.
  • Enchanced layout for big screens.
  • Added loading indication.

SEO (search engine optimization) needs an overhaul. Maybe some changes will come with it, but there are no concrete plans.

19. June 2020

This update is dedicated to the upload page and performance.

  • ¡Meowpad habla Español! But it's not perfect. Help now!
  • New feedback tool: Leave some feedback now!
  • Updated upload page.
    • Did some design changes.
    • Made validation better.
    • Similar sound detection added.
    • E-Mail or login is now required.
  • Minor design changes.
  • Sound previews are now AAC 128 kbit/s encoded and cached to save bandwidth. Manual downloads are still loading the original file.
  • Reduced application size again.

Let's see what YOU want. I'm gonna wait for some feedback to develop the most wanted features first.

13. June 2020

Already deaf by screamer sounds? While working on some technical improvements and testing it, I found some very annoying loud sounds. The waveform graphic did not look suspicious, so how to identify it before playing? Meowpad takes care of your hearing from now on!*

  • Warning of very loud sounds and additional confirmation before playing.
  • Reduced application size.
  • Reduced the waveform size by 2 to 5 times.
  • Polished up upload page.

More changes to upload page. The validation is still bad and UX could need some love.

* But I cannot guarantee that all loud sounds are identified correctly.
08. June 2020

More improvements in context with user accounts.

  • Soundlists added
    • Sounds can be added via " "
    • User can manage their Soundlists
    • Sounds added to a list get a paw
  • Sounds can be deleted, if you were logged in while uploading

Technical improvements and a redesigning the upload page. Soundlists need to be implemented into the search and frontpage.

04. June 2020
  • Logged in users can list their uploads and paws
  • New translation service is up and running. Help with translation!
  • Minor design changes and small bugfixes.
01. June 2020

Big changes are coming. User accounts are available now!

This is a substantial change, because some current and future functions can only be used when you are logged in.

  • User authentication added. Social login with some providers are also available.
  • Iconset changed. Some icons look different.
  • Paws added.
    • Every sound has a number of paws , that are equivalent to a score.
    • User can give a paw to a sound which increases the paw count.
    • You can give a paw to a sound only once.
    • You can remove your paw from a sound. The score will be decreased.

With user authentication, we are at the point, where we can start implementing soundlists.

28. May 2020

After almost 3 years, I've finally found the time to finish some features. Sorry it took so long.

Meowpad serves over 8000 sounds and has thousands of views each day. I have never expected such a growth. But I will do my best to keep this platform running.

  • The Content is separated by countries and regions. You may see other content when you change the language. This change was necessary because of the mass of Russian content that is mostly not interesting for users outside of Eastern Europe.
  • The Search uses a new high performance full-text search engine for best results.
  • The Navigation bar moved to the left. It looks cleaner and provides more space for content.
  • A new changelog page, where you can find information about the latest changes and features.
  • A new error page, that you will hopefully never see.

We want to integrate soundlists, which can be used to organize sounds. Therefore the option to create and manage user accounts is required.