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19. June 2020

This update is dedicated to the upload page and performance.

  • ¡Meowpad habla Español! But it's not perfect. Help now!
  • New feedback tool: Leave some feedback now!
  • Updated upload page.
    • Did some design changes.
    • Made validation better.
    • Similar sound detection added.
    • E-Mail or login is now required.
  • Minor design changes.
  • Sound previews are now ACC 128 kbit/s encoded and cached to save bandwidth. Manual downloads are still loading the original file.
  • Reduced application size again.

Let's see what YOU want. I'm gonna wait for some feedback to develop the most wanted features first.

13. June 2020

Already deaf by screamer sounds? While working on some technical improvements and testing it, I found some very annoying loud sounds. The waveform graphic did not look suspicious, so how to identify it before playing? Meowpad takes care of your hearing from now on!*

  • Warning of very loud sounds and additional confirmation before playing.
  • Reduced application size.
  • Reduced the waveform size by 2 to 5 times.
  • Polished up upload page.

More changes to upload page. The validation is still bad and UX could need some love.

* But I cannot guarantee that all loud sounds are identified correctly.
08. June 2020

More improvements in context with user accounts.

  • Soundlists added
    • Sounds can be added via " "
    • User can manage their Soundlists
    • Sounds added to a list get a paw
  • Sounds can be deleted, if you were logged in while uploading

Technical improvements and a redesigning the upload page. Soundlists need to be implemented into the search and frontpage.

04. June 2020
  • Logged in users can list their uploads and paws
  • New translation service is up and running. Help with translation!
  • Minor design changes and small bugfixes.
01. June 2020

Big changes are coming. User accounts are available now!

This is a substantial change, because some current and future functions can only be used when you are logged in.

  • User authentication added. Social login with some providers are also available.
  • Iconset changed. Some icons look different.
  • Paws added.
    • Every sound has a number of paws , that are equivalent to a score.
    • User can give a paw to a sound which increases the paw count.
    • You can give a paw to a sound only once.
    • You can remove your paw from a sound. The score will be decreased.

With user authentication, we are at the point, where we can start implementing soundlists.

28. May 2020

After almost 3 years, I've finally found the time to finish some features. Sorry it took so long.

Meowpad serves over 8000 sounds and has thousands of views each day. I have never expected such a growth. But I will do my best to keep this platform running.

  • The Content is separated by countries and regions. You may see other content when you change the language. This change was necessary because of the mass of Russian content that is mostly not interesting for users outside of Eastern Europe.
  • The Search uses a new high performance full-text search engine for best results.
  • The Navigation bar moved to the left. It looks cleaner and provides more space for content.
  • A new changelog page, where you can find information about the latest changes and features.
  • A new error page, that you will hopefully never see.

We want to integrate soundlists, which can be used to organize sounds. Therefore the option to create and manage user accounts is required.